Terra Realty Advisors, Inc. works with our public and private sector clients to assist them in strategically evaluating their real property assets, including assessment of value, options to consider when selling or exchanging, current market conditions and capitalization rate considerations by product type, and current interest rate impacts.  The same is true for acquisitions, working with our clients to ascertain their needs and requirements within specific risk assessment parameters.

To maintain complete objectivity, Terra does not offer traditional brokerage services; however, we work to provide objective guidance in positioning assets to sell, or balancing client needs for acquisition to achieve the best overall result.  As necessary, we work with selected brokers, appraisers, title companies and specific due diligence consultants such as environment and civil engineers, etc. that specialize in specific market segments (by product type and region), managing this process through negotiations, legal documentation, due diligence and closing.

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